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Q123 can help you to gain insight into your customers satisfaction

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Q123   Survey Design Wizzard

Create Survey

With the intuitive and simple to use survey wizard you can create your own survey. Add one question at a time from a selection of question types. Q123 helps you to gain insight into how to improve your products and services from your customers point of view. Q123 is also specially developed to use in internal evaluations for personal improvement of your staff.

Q123   Invite People

Invite People

Customize the invitation template and simply enter your customers name and email address to send out the invitation to your customer satisfaction survey. It is possible to fully design the invitation mail to your needs.

Q123   Download your results

Download Results

On the Analyse page you can see the results of your survey and lots of other information on screen in real time. You can also export the information to MS Excel. It is also possible to make a direct export into PowerPoint presentation so you can easily view, show and better understand the results to improve the efficiency of your services, products or staff.

Understand the results

Objectively interpreting the results of your customer satisfaction data can be overwhelming and very difficult to do correctly. Q123 helps you to understand your results. It's the aim of this tool and this site to support you in reading and interpreting your results correctly.

Q123   Understand Your Results